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about the artists

kate : owner/lead photographer

After my first course in film photography, I knew I had found my own personal brand of magic. If the countless nights dancing and developing film in the darkroom didn’t steal my heart, then it was the excitement of being able to capture a moment and making it tangible. I graduated from Simmons College in 2014 with a BA in Communications and Studio Art and minors in graphic design and photography. My senior year I focused in visual storytelling and graphic design which is when I began my adventure as a portrait and wedding photographer. My Simmons experience helped shape my desire to photograph stories, beauty and truth.

My grandfather was a photography lover and there was no gift truly as wonderful as finding a box of his film negatives – a box which documented so many moments of my grandfather, my gram and our family. So, if there is a gift I can give to people, it is those documented moments you can share with your loved ones for years to come!

When I’m not working on photo, I’m usually working on various art projects or playing with my rambunctious my partner in crime, my dog named Leo or my feisty cat, Nova! I love yard sales, thunderstorms, odd historical sites, Netflix and holiday lights. I’m always down for an adventure, spontaneous trip or a rambling late night conversation. I live in the beautiful town of South Paris, Maine at the King’s Hill Inn & Barn. I adore traveling and take every opportunity to do so!

alicia : associate photographer

I have been photographing for several years on my own and have been working with Kate for the past several months. I like making art and photography is easily my favorite way to do so. There is something special about being present to capture an important moment in someone’s life. I especially like photographing weddings and newborns; new beginnings. These are some of the happiest times in a person’s life and these moments are magical.

I have three absolutely hilarious, cuddly cats – Nemo, Khaleesi & Mya. When I’m not being entertained by them, I’m spending time with my family, working out or being crafty!


morgan : photography intern

I am a senior at Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School with plans to pursue a career in graphic design and photography. I play field hockey and lacrosse, I love pumpkin spice coffee and obsessed with Game of Thrones.