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2015… it was my first year of being a full time “real” photographer. Well, I guess I could say I’ve been a real photographer for years but this is the first time it’s felt real. After four years long nights in my college’s darkroom & digital photography lab alongside complete breakdowns trying to figure out what I was trying to say to the world with my art, the journey has brought me to this point and I’m so proud of it.

The families, lovers, inspiring seniors & wonderful individuals who made the decision to trust me to capture their lives are the ones I get to thank for letting these photographs exist & let me share them with you all. This post is a collection of some of my favorite images from 2015. I have witnessed some of the most magical moments this year; from births to children giggling to couples so in love it makes you ache. I’m so privileged to witness, capture and to do what I love — so thank you to everyone who let’s me share with you how I see the world.

And to my 2016 couples, seniors & friends, I can’t wait to see what we make together. <3

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