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senior portraits

I have photographed dozens of seniors and one of my absolute favorite things about working with them? Making their senior portrait everything that they want it to be! Play an instrument? How about a sport? Club? Do you draw? Ride horses? Skateboard? I love getting creative with seniors to make their photos something they are proud of too.

1.5 hour session
up to three outfits
one location
all final edited images
online gallery
print options available in gallery!

Should you bring anything?
YES! Bring 1-3 outfits! I typically suggest a casual outfit, a dressy outfit and then an outfit of your choosing. The biggest tip I can give you is to pick outfits you will feel comfortable in as well as you’ll feel confident in! There is nothing worse than picking an outfit you don’t feel 100% comfortable in because you’ll be moving a lot! Plus, comfortable clothes are typically more flattering! As for what the clothes look like – bring on bold colors, fun patterns or stellar simplicity! I would suggest staying away from clothing with writing on it if possible, unless you are incorporating a sports jersey or something of that matter. If you have any questions about clothes, no worries – bring extra outfits, jewelry, accessories and I’ll help you pick!

Also, think about any props you might want! If you play an instrument, play a sport, are involved in any particular activity that is a huge part of your life – I’m happy to have it be a part of your photo session.

What about hair & makeup?
Do whatever feels natural to you! I want you to feel comfortable. As for makeup, if you are wearing any, I would suggest staying on the more natural side. With that said, it’s always fun to add a pop of color. Bring any makeup or hair supplies that you’d like with you so you can switch it up if you wish!

Seen something you love on Pinterest or Instagram?
Oh yes, I love Pinterest and love Instagram even more. If you have a certain kind of photo you want to create or a particular style, let me know! Let’s make it happen. If you want to go to somewhere abandoned, a beach, play with sparklers, whimsical, smoke bombs, in the woods, (in the words of Macklemore) downtownnn, etc — just give me a heads up beforehand and send me photos that inspire you! I’m happy to be adventurous with you and create photos you’ll LOVE.

Can someone come with you?
Sure! If you’ll feel more comfortable having your best friend, parent, sibling, teammate, etc with you – then yes! It’s best if you only bring one person so there isn’t a parade of us, though. With that said, I can be flexible if you want two people with you. Let me know if you’ll be bringing someone with you!

Hate being photographed? Love being photographed? Somewhere in between?
Whichever way it is, you’ll be perfect! I don’t love being in front of the camera either — I much prefer being behind it so I completely understand! My goal is to make you feel comfortable hanging out with me and making awesome photographs. So, if there’s something you like to do (go get coffee, read in the library, visit your favorite location, go to a skate park, eat ice cream), let me know and let’s incorporate that into your session! You’d be surprised how much fun your photos can be when it’s an adventure! If you love being photographed, AWESOME let’s get started!

Let’s make art together!